Dankula’s Dog

  • This piece was written over a year ago. It may no longer accurately reflect my views now, or may be factually outdated.

In his video The Radical Left : The Fascists Of The 21st Century, Count Dankula presented a thought experiment that I imagine I shall have cause to refer to again at some point, about the risks to oneself and to society of abandoning the principles of discussion and reason. To save me some time in future, I thought I would record the experiment—here named Dankula’s dog, a la Schrödinger’s cat or Maxwell’s demon—here:

I did a little bit of a thought experiment on Twitter and, yeah, this thought experiment a plagued with problems, and it doesn’t actually really prove anything, but just take it as food for thought. I gave people two scenarios. In both scenarios, you have a gun. In one scenario, you’re in a room with another man, who has a gun, and in another scenario you’re in a room with a rabid dog. I asked people what they would do in each situation, and what situation they would rather be in. A lot of people said that they would rather be in the situation with the man with the gun. When I asked them why?, a lot of them said: Because you can reason with a man with a gun.

When I asked what they would do with the dog, they said that they would just immediately kill the dog. When I asked them why?, they said: Well, there’s no talking to a dog, you can’t reason [with] a dog, that dog has given you absolutely no option but to kill it. It’s the only way that you can protect your own safety. The point I was trying to get at is, basically, if you are seen as a threat to a person’s personal safety and freedoms, and you totally refuse to allow yourself to be reasoned with, then people will stop trying to reason with you and instead they will try to destroy you.


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