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To Invest or Defend



Coping with imaginative resistance


Introducing MANTRaP


Language, cognition and drone warfare

LUCI/LUCC Seminar Series

China's Political System

Responding to Giant Crises

Language, Ideology and Power

A study of how Egyptian Bloggers shaped the UK newspaper coverage of Political Events in Egypt


SJA Lancaster Unit Media Coverage



28 Palestinians Died

A Cognitive Grammar analysis of mystification in press coverage of state violence on the Gaza border

From Albinism in Africa to the Lancashire Witches

LUCI/LUCC Seminar Series

Chinese public opinion's role in crisis diplomacy

Preliminary findings from the field

Nurturing Dissent

Developing the Unruly Subject in Higher Education


How to Lose Friends and Alienate People

Why I Lost Friends and Alienated People


Digital Skills Certificate

BSc. (Hons) Computer Science (First)

Nine Colleges Challenge II

Intercollegiate University Challenge


Nine Colleges Challenge II Intern

University Retrospectives

Wot I Learnt in Second Year

Festageddon 2016

Rebuilding the Pendle College websites

Pendle Extrav 2016

Theme teaser & trailer

The Tab Lancaster

Lancaster is the eighth best university in the UK

Magna Carta

Its Resurrection, 1216–1616

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Everything you learn studying Computer Science

The Tab Lancaster

Lancaster student who joined ISIS reportedly killed in Syria

The Tab Lancaster

Cumbria to compete in Roses 2016 after York pulls out

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These are Lancaster University's goofiest modules

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Exams are meaningless, so why are we still doing them?

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Which college has the most international students?

New Pendle College Website announcement

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I mean it when I say it

CU are the nicest people on campus

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Lancaster is one of the worst unis for free speech – and it's embarrassing

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Lonsdale gets almost 10 times as many disciplinaries as everyone else

Nine Colleges Challenge (Intercollegiate University Challenge) Team


University Retrospectives

On the First Year of University

Or Fear & Loathing in Lancs Vegas

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Deputy Dean accidentally CC's in entire undergrad cohort in private correspondence


Pendle JCR Exec.

2014 election material