Here’s stuff I want. Feel free to buy me subsets of it periodically, perhaps in alignment with your preferred religious calendar or the accumulation of Gregorian calendar years elapsed since my birth.

Money, Money, Money

Money is good. I can throw money at things as and when they come up.

  1. Pound sterling, ideally.


Maybe you want me to experience the more tactile thrill of opening a wrapped object of some sort, rather than just collating banknotes like how I imagine the Swiss spend their Christmases.

  1. Laphroaig whisky
  2. a cast iron pot
  3. a large saucepan
  4. mixology equipment
  5. a 1 litre Pyrex measuring jug


Perhaps you want to help me further the frontiers of my mind (which, by extension, would imply that you think I am currently insufficiently broadened, which is very hurtful). I can get most books on my Kobo easily (and free-ly), but there are some that—for whatever reasons—aren’t a good fit for it and would be better to have in physical Pulped-Tree-O-Vision.

  1. The First Folio of Shakespeare: In Modern Type (ed. Neil Freeman)
  2. PoC||GTFO, Volume II (ed. Manul Laphroaig)
  3. Expect Resistance: A Field Manual (CrimethInc.)
  4. Tallinn Manual 2.0 on the International Law Applicable to Cyber Operations (Michael N. Schmitt, et al.)
  5. Composition No. 1 (Marc Sapota)
  6. How to Bomb the U.S. Gov’t (Million Dollar Extreme)
  7. [Publish Date TBA] The Art of Computer Programming, Volume 1: Fundamental Algorithms (4th ed.) (Donald Knuth)


Or maybe, just maybe, you are beginning to find my nudity overbearing and want to buy me clothes with which to conceal it. Here are those clothes.

  1. St John Ambulance cufflinks
  2. Canada Goose coat
  3. LOOW G3 Boxers
  4. LOOW socks
  5. LOOW 220 t-shirt – black
  6. Black Tie
    1. Suit. Midnight blue. Peaked lapels and jetted pockets. No vents or double vents. Lapels with black grosgrain facings. Boutonnière hole on lapel. Single-breasted, one button.
    2. Trousers. Midnight blue. Seam linings grosgrain to match suit facings.
    3. Waistcoat. Grosgrain to match suit facings. Fastened with shirt studs to match shirt.
    4. Bow-tie. Black. Butterfly. Grosgrain to match suit facings.
    5. Socks. Black silk. Calf-length. With sock suspenders.
    6. Overcoat. Chesterfield.
    7. Hat. Homburg.
    8. Gloves. Suede.
  7. Barbour jacket


I’m still figuring out what bits I need for my next desktop, so expect this list to grow.

  1. xNT NFC Tag Implantation Kit
  2. Logitech G X56 HOTAS
  3. Desktop
    1. Vikings D8 Workstation
      • Boot Firmware: Libreboot
      • CPU: 1x Opteron 4284
      • Memory: 8 GB
      • Power Supply: 650 W Seasonic PRIME Modular 80+ Platinum
      • GNU/Linux Distribution: Trisquel
      • Main Storage: SSD Crucial 1 TB
      • Video Card: GeForce GT 710
      • Audio Card: ASUS MIO-AUDIO 892 card
      • CD/DVD Drive: No CD/DVD drive
      • USB3: USB3 Card TUSB7340
  4. Laptop(s)
    1. X200 Laptop (with non-LED monitor)
    2. [UNRELEASED] EOMA68 Libre Tea Computer Card
  5. Other
    1. SanDisk Extreme PRO 128 GB Solid State Flash Drive
    2. GoPro HERO7 Black


Get me one of these and I’ll be set for a year.

  1. Nature
  2. Science
  3. Adbusters
  4. ;login:
  5. National Geographic