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Introducing the Morecambe Bay Curriculum

Member's Voice

Analyst Developer

5, 10, 20

Looking back


Coping with imaginative resistance

Threat Intelligence Analytical Software


wholly government-approved free-speaking subtext


Introducing MANTRaP


Language, cognition and drone warfare

LUCI/LUCC Seminar Series

China's Political System

Responding to Giant Crises

Language, Ideology and Power

A study of how Egyptian Bloggers shaped the UK newspaper coverage of Political Events in Egypt


Invest or Defend

Security Lancaster Seminar Series

The Necro-Geopolitics of American Insecurity



remain indoors!


voluntary subtext reductions

SJA Lancaster Unit Media Coverage

The community sector is being excluded from UK HE's post-Covid recovery


Mitigate Hub


stay home and read subtext

First Aider


strike while the subtext is hot



fresh from the fridge


28 Palestinians Died

A Cognitive Grammar analysis of mystification in press coverage of state violence on the Gaza border

Climate Change

Climate Change Reviews

Language, Ideology and Power

The concept of disorder

LUCI/LUCC Seminar Series

Chinese public opinion's role in crisis diplomacy

Preliminary findings from the field

Nurturing Dissent

Developing the Unruly Subject in Higher Education


get subtext done


SCR Book Club Member

Pendle Staff Quiz Team Member


SCR Member

KTP Associate


Advanced First Aider

War-Games and the Dehumanisation of War

Digital Democracy: e-Voting and Online Elections

Mitigate Hub

SMEs and Cyber Security

A case study

Xyone Cyber Security

Xyone Has a New Site

Xyone Cyber Security

Xyone Becomes CREST Member

Xyone Cyber Security

Xyone Listed on UK Cyberslide

Consultant Cyber Security Practitioner


Xyone Cyber Security

Introducing Mitigate

LUHack Capture the Flag Success

Acting Unit Training Lead

Unit Training Lead

In (Partial) Defence of Snowsports

Security Lancaster Seminar Series

Violence and its Discontents

Groups and identities in security research

Language, Ideology and Power

Interrogating Free Speech Versus Hate Speech on the Internet

A discourse perspective


Technology, Agency and the Future of the Earth Workshop

Security Lancaster Seminar Series

The Lancashire Constabulary Vulnerable Callers Initiative

Xyone Cyber Security

The future of Xyone Cyber Essentials certification

Mitigate v2.0 Content Update

Security Lancaster Seminar Series

Crime Journeys

High-Risk Offending Across Space and Time


Xyone Cyber Security

Xyone Cyber Security New Growth Investment

Xyone Cyber Security

Iscar Tools Ltd achieve 100% Mitigate Trusted Status

Security Lancaster Seminar Series

Machine Learning for Cyber Security

Britain's Role in a Future World

William Hague at the ISF


Cyber Security Practitioner

Duke of Edinburgh's Award (Gold)

How to Lose Friends and Alienate People

Why I Lost Friends and Alienated People


Cybervictims and Cyberharrassment and Cyberstalking

Oh my!

How to Lose Friends and Alienate People

How I Lost Friends and Alienated People

Security Lancaster Seminar Series

Shipping Containers, Russian Criminals, American Spooks and Nuclear Weapons

An intelligence-led case study of a cyber breach

Kit Officer


Introduction, Social Theory and Hacking

Developing Pinpointer


Nine Colleges Challenge III

Charity Challenge

Nine Colleges Challenge III

Sustainability Challenge

First Aider


A Tale of Three Presidents

Security Lancaster Seminar Series

Earworms Make Bad Passwords

An Analysis of the Nokē Smart Lock Manual Override


SCC Distinguished Seminar Series

Responsible Autonomy

AI, safety, ethics and legality

Digital Skills Certificate

Senior Ambassador

Postgraduate Student

MCR Member



BSc. (Hons) Computer Science (First)

Commitment to College Award

Lancaster Award (Gold)



Exploring the use of genetic algorithms in emergent distributed systems

Nine Colleges Challenge II

Intercollegiate University Challenge




Scraping Alpha


President: Ben Goldsworthy

SCC Distinguished Seminar Series

Are Sensor Networks a first step towards the Diamond Age?


Up the Backend


JCR Exec. Vice President: Communications & Engagement

Letter of commendation from Pendle College Principal

Rep Development Scheme (Bronze)

Nine Colleges Challenge II Intern

How to make your LUSU society page the envy of your friends

The Witch, Big Bad Freshers' 2016 Issue

Annual Reviews

Wot I Learnt in Second Year

How to improve the new LUSU website

A D.I.Y. guide for the discerning society Exec. member

Found a problem with the site?

Everything that's wrong with the new LUSU website


Festageddon 2016

Head of Web Development and Public Relations

The Tab

What it's like to live with your ex-girlfriend

Rebuilding the Pendle College websites

LUSU Councillor

Head of Web Development

The Tab UK

I'm spoiling my ballot and you should too

National Fellow

Pendle Extrav 2016

Theme teaser & trailer

The Tab Lancaster

The Life of a Campus Cop in Lancaster

The Tab Lancaster

Exclusive: An interview with the campus ducks

The Tab Lancaster

Lancaster is the eighth best university in the UK

SCAN: Student Comment & News

The NUS is a joke

Let's leave it for our own sake

The Tab Lancaster

LUSU want you to vote on massive changes this Thursday

Social Secretary

The Tab Lancaster

Your uni experience is nothing without a bin party

The Tab Lancaster

LUSU are campaigning against a student block next to Sugarhouse

The Witch, Summer 2016 Issue

Magna Carta

Its Resurrection, 1216–1616

The Tab Lancaster

Everything you learn studying Computer Science

The Tab Lancaster

Lancaster student who joined ISIS reportedly killed in Syria

The Tab Lancaster

Working a bunch of part-time jobs is better than a full-time job could ever be

The Tab Lancaster

Cumbria to compete in Roses 2016 after York pulls out

Vote for the best April Fools' story

Event Security

The Tab Lancaster

Everything you learn living with French flatmates

Revenge of the Towers of Hanoi


The Tab Lancaster

These are Lancaster University's goofiest modules


The Tab Lancaster

Exams are meaningless, so why are we still doing them?

The Tab Lancaster

Is this presidential candidate taking the piss?

The Tab Lancaster

Which college has the most international students?


A Reckless Disregard for Mercy

SCC Distinguished Seminar Series

Symbiotic Design

Bye-law Review Committee Member

The Tab Lancaster

The helicopter on campus landed due to a crash on the A6

The Tab Lancaster

Missing Lancaster student has been found



New Pendle College Website announcement

The Tab Lancaster

I mean it when I say it

CU are the nicest people on campus

The Tab

All the things you hear when you are the messiest housemate


The Guardian

Letter published in Free speech: we can recognise the wrongs of the past without using bans


Trial by Table

The Tab Lancaster

LUSU rebrand Cowboy & Indian themed night at Lonsdale

Week 12

The Tab Lancaster

Lancaster is one of the worst unis for free speech – and it's embarrassing

6-Letter Pypher

The Tab Lancaster

Lonsdale gets almost 10 times as many disciplinaries as everyone else

Extrav. Committee Member

Head of Marketing

Nine Colleges Challenge (Intercollegiate University Challenge) Team

JCR Exec. Media & Comms Officer


Annual Reviews

On the First Year of University

Or Fear & Loathing in Lancs Vegas

Why you should write for The Tab Lancaster this term

The Tab Lancaster

An update on life in Lancaster following the floods

The Tab Lancaster

Life in the eye of Storm Desmond

Student Member

The Tab Lancaster

Meet the Instafamous Law third year who’s a fitness sensation

Student Ambassador

The Tab Lancaster

Everyone sucks but us

Why Pendle own this joint

The Tab Lancaster

Pendle window is hanging on for dear life

Unknown episode title

Manchester Christmas Markets Trip 2015 trailer

The Tab Lancaster

Mr Gatward talks

Fresher explains his heinous crimes

Lancaster university's deputy dean sends disciplinary email meant for one student to ENTIRE undergraduate population

Senior Reporter

The Tab Lancaster

Deputy Dean accidentally CC's in entire undergrad cohort in private correspondence

The Tab Lancaster

How to pull off being a terrible frep, by a frep

The Tab Lancaster

Freshers 2015

An A--Z of Drinking Games

Eurotrip 2016 trailers

Computing & Communication 2nd Year Academic Rep

Fresher Rep

The Tab Lancaster

Here’s every Freshers 2015 event by college

Extrav 2015: Which was the best of the best?

The Tab Lancaster

I played a drinking game in my exam and it was a terrible idea

Pendle JCR Exec.

2015 By-Election Material

The Tab Lancaster

REVEALED: This year’s Extrav Week themes are weirder and better than ever

The Tab Lancaster

The essential guide to shagging in the library


CS4KS1 Participant

Eurotrip Leader

150ASM Emulator


Battle of the Colleges 2015 Team

Ethiopian Multiplier

War Visualisation

Working at Lancaster

External Placement


Media & Comms




On Jailbreak 2014



Barclays Technology Challenge 2014

MoneySkills Mobile App Mockup

Pendle JCR Exec.

2014 election material

8-Bit Counter




Undergraduate Student

JCR Member