Annual Reviews

Review of 2022

Benifest Destiny

Benifest Destiny


A Year of Lents

The Half-Year of Lents


Ben's Twenty

Ben's Remaining Twenty


Europespedition III

Leds Free or Die Hard

Monkey Run Scotland

Rethinking Security

Steps to Sustainable Peace with Justice

Jesus Against Empire

Solidarity, Liberation, and the Poor in the time of Jesus

LibrePlanet 2022

Living Liberation

Year of Lents

A First Quarter of Lents

Ben's Twenty

Ben's First Quarter

The Hollow Stars

A Call of Cthulhu Scenario

A Year of Lents

A Year of Lents


Ben's Twenty

Ben's Twenty


BlackBerry Elegy


Understanding the UK Online Safety Bill

Introducing the Morecambe Bay Curriculum

Fuck Microsoft Teams

5, 10, 20

Looking back

UK Military Spending and its Alternatives


Coping with imaginative resistance


Introducing MANTRaP

Gay Graffiti at Lancaster Castle


Language, cognition and drone warfare

LUCI/LUCC Seminar Series

China's Political System

Responding to Giant Crises

Language, Ideology and Power

A study of how Egyptian Bloggers shaped the UK newspaper coverage of Political Events in Egypt


Security Lancaster Seminar Series

The Necro-Geopolitics of American Insecurity

COVID and Complicity


Explorer Belt 2019


Replacing My Pocket Computer


28 Palestinians Died

A Cognitive Grammar analysis of mystification in press coverage of state violence on the Gaza border

Climate Change

Climate Change Thoughts

Climate Change

Climate Change Reviews

The Gulf War Did Not Take Place

Language, Ideology and Power

The concept of disorder

From Albinism in Africa to the Lancashire Witches

LUCI/LUCC Seminar Series

Chinese public opinion's role in crisis diplomacy

Preliminary findings from the field

Nurturing Dissent

Developing the Unruly Subject in Higher Education

Student Housing Lancaster

The Tale of 64 Blades Street


TICTeC 2019


Or Control and Communication in the Animal and the Machine

Essays from the Parerga and Paralipomena

If on a winter's night a traveler

Future Data Practices

Perpetuate Inequalities or Design for Change?


Class of 1996

The Ghost in the Machine

In (Partial) Defence of Snowsports

Security Lancaster Seminar Series

Violence and its Discontents

Groups and identities in security research

Language, Ideology and Power

Interrogating Free Speech Versus Hate Speech on the Internet

A discourse perspective

UK Internet Governance Forum 2018

Solutions for The Digital Age


Technology, Agency and the Future of the Earth Workshop

Security Lancaster Seminar Series

The Lancashire Constabulary Vulnerable Callers Initiative

Security Lancaster Seminar Series

Crime Journeys

High-Risk Offending Across Space and Time

The Red Pill

Pride & Prejudice

Thoughts on sexuality

Security Lancaster Seminar Series

Machine Learning for Cyber Security

Britain's Role in a Future World

William Hague at the ISF

Solar Tattoos

Bin Laden

The One Man Show

Crime and the Internet

How to Lose Friends and Alienate People

Why I Lost Friends and Alienated People


Cybervictims and Cyberharrassment and Cyberstalking

Oh my!

How to Lose Friends and Alienate People

How I Lost Friends and Alienated People

On Gamergate

Security Lancaster Seminar Series

Shipping Containers, Russian Criminals, American Spooks and Nuclear Weapons

An intelligence-led case study of a cyber breach


Introduction, Social Theory and Hacking

Developing Pinpointer

On the Rationales Behind These Sites

Why I Write

or, On the Rationale Behind This Site


UCU Teach Out

Radical or Simply Younger

UCU Teach Out

What makes a successful social movement?

UCU Teach Out

Should we (still) be fixing the women?

Am I a Feminist?

UCU Teach Out

What kind of uni do we want?

UCU Teach Out

Unis Resist Border Controls Workshop

UCU Teach Out

Linguistics Lay-In

A Critical Analysis Workshop

UCU Teach Out

Fairtrade Towns

Inspired by History

A Tale of Three Presidents

UCU Teach Out

This house, as a university student, would support the national strikes

UCU Teach Out

Universities, Inc.

Revolution in Rojava

Report Back from Civil Volunteers

BSides Leeds 2018

Security Lancaster Seminar Series

Earworms Make Bad Passwords

An Analysis of the Nokē Smart Lock Manual Override


The Freudian State


To write wrongs and wrong rights



The Emergence of Man


A theory of organic statehood

SCC Distinguished Seminar Series

Responsible Autonomy

AI, safety, ethics and legality

On Natural Rights

Aristotle in Washington

Far too many films

Off the Map

Hardened Diceware


SCC Distinguished Seminar Series

Are Sensor Networks a first step towards the Diamond Age?

Annual Reviews

Wot I Learnt in Second Year

A Vindication of the Rights of Woman

How to improve the new LUSU website

A D.I.Y. guide for the discerning society Exec. member

Found a problem with the site?

Everything that's wrong with the new LUSU website

Gödel, Escher, Bach

An Eternal Golden Braid


Pat the Bunny

Pat Schneeweis

A punk rock song won't ever change the world

Festageddon 2016

Rebuilding the Pendle College websites

Magna Carta

Its Resurrection, 1216–1616

Voice of the Fire

Eurotrip 2016

Storm of Steel

SCC Distinguished Seminar Series

Symbiotic Design

(Most) LGBT flags, ranked


Annual Reviews

On the First Year of University

Or Fear & Loathing in Lancs Vegas

Introduction to Programming


On Jailbreak 2014

Pat the Bunny

On Pat the Bunny Schneeweis

Absurd anarchism


On the Europespedition

Neds wiv de leds

On the 2014 European Parliament Election

A political clown car

On Tomb Raider

On The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug


On Gravity

On Marketing

On the Rationales Behind These Sites

On the Rationale Behind This Site