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Last modified: July 15th, 12,017 HE

Black Tie

Layer 1:

– White shirt with Marcella-pattern starched bib on front and full spread turn-down collar. Sleeves end in single cuffs. Done up with shirt studs and cufflinks.
– Black bow-tie, tied in a butterfly. Grosgrain to match facings.
– Suspenders
– Calf-length black silk socks
– Sock suspenders

Layer 2:

– Waistcoat. Grosgrain to match facings, done up with shirt studs to match shirt.
– Midnight blue trousers. Seam linings grosgrain to match facings.

Layer 3:

– Midnight blue suit with peaked lapels and jetted pockets. Either no vents or double vents. Lapels with black grosgrain facings. Boutonniere hole on lapel. Single-breasted, one button.
– White linen pocket square.
– Patent pumps with bow. Bow grosgrain to match facings.

Layer +:

– White silk evening scarf
– Dress watch
– Chesterfield overcoat
– Homburg hat
– Suede gloves

Warm-weather black tie

Layer 1:

– White shirt with pleated bib on front and full-spread turn-down collar. Done up with shirt studs.

Layer 2:

– Black cummerbund. Grosgrain to match facings. Replaces waistcoat.

Layer 2:

– Off-white jacket with shawl collar and self-facing lapels.