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Oh, my apologies. It’s a derogatory name for you people in face-blind culture. I’m not facist though, I have loads of face-sighted friends.

McNulty and Smith, Prosopagnosia

The year was 2013 and little 17-year-old Ben had just finished both Arrested Development and The Wire. Fueled with a creative drive, he wrote a short story featuring a face-blind detective attempting to capture the world’s most unremarkable-looking bank robber. Arrested Development provided the face-blindness, The Wire provided the characters (McNulty and an un-named Bunk), cop cliches and repeated use of the phrase a police.

I recall two intentions I had when writing it. First, names would be kept to a minimum in order to tie in with the theme of identity and barely unable to tell people apart. Second, as much of the story as possible was to be written in adorned, quick-fire dialogue in order to simulate a television show.

It’s far from perfect, but I’m pleasantly surprised with my younger self.