Mobile-based auditing of the DẼMOS 2 e-voting system

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Last modified: September 21st, 12,018 HE

This dissertation was written for my Master’s in Cyber Security.


DẼMOS 2 is a proposed e-voting system that is end-to-end verifiable, meaning that its results can be verified for correctness from end-to-end. This is clearly an important characteristic of any e-voting system that aspires to widespread adoption, but it requires that voters and third parties possess the means to perform such verification. It is in this area that the current DẼMOS 2 implementation is lacking, and this project is an attempt to rectify this through the development of a mobile phone app. for Android devices. The design of such an app. is here presented, but the implementation remains incomplete. Despite this, an evaluation of the app. as it currently stands is presented, followed by a detailing of avenues of further development. Ultimately, however, the supposed benefits of e-voting are brought into question.