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UK Military Spending and its Alternatives

LUCI/LUCC Seminar Series

China's Political System

Responding to Giant Crises

Language, Ideology and Power

A study of how Egyptian Bloggers shaped the UK newspaper coverage of Political Events in Egypt


Security Lancaster Seminar Series

The Necro-Geopolitics of American Insecurity

Highlighting a Broken System with Covid – what can we take forward?

COVID and Complicity



28 Palestinians Died

A Cognitive Grammar analysis of mystification in press coverage of state violence on the Gaza border

Climate Change

Climate Change Thoughts

The Gulf War Did Not Take Place

LUCI/LUCC Seminar Series

Chinese public opinion's role in crisis diplomacy

Preliminary findings from the field

TICTeC 2019

Ben Goldsworthy :: TICTeC

Essays from the Parerga and Paralipomena


The Ghost in the Machine

In (Partial) Defence of Snowsports

Language, Ideology and Power

Interrogating Free Speech Versus Hate Speech on the Internet

A discourse perspective

UK Internet Governance Forum 2018

Solutions for The Digital Age

Mobile-based auditing of the DẼMOS 2 e-voting system


The Red Pill

Britain's Role in a Future World

William Hague at the ISF

Bin Laden

The One Man Show



The Emergence of Man


A theory of organic statehood


A Vindication of the Rights of Woman


Pat the Bunny

Pat Schneeweis

A punk rock song won't ever change the world

The Tab UK

I'm spoiling my ballot and you should too

The Tab Lancaster

We spoke to the junior doctors striking outside Lancaster Infirmary

The Tab Lancaster

Forget gay marriage, where's my straight civil partnership?

The Tab Lancaster

LUSU rebrand Cowboy & Indian themed night at Lonsdale

The Tab Lancaster

Lancaster is one of the worst unis for free speech – and it's embarrassing


The Witch, unknown issue

On BAE Systems

Big bad BAE?

Pat the Bunny

On Pat the Bunny Schneeweis

Absurd anarchism

On the 2014 European Parliament Election

A political clown car


Presidency Simulator 2013

Royalty Simulator 2013