Lancaster University

Whilst both studying at and working for my alma mater, I have been heavily involved in a vast range of varied activities. During my time as a student many of these overlapped with the Lancaster University Students’ Union, but equally many have been with the university itself.

Throughout my studies I was a regular participant in various departments’ research projects, such as working as an RA for the Lancaster University Management School (LUMS). I also took part in a number of schemes within the School of Computing & Communications (SCC), such as Student Ambassador and Code Club.

I also took part in the Lancaster Award scheme throughout my undergraduate studies, as well as being heavily involved in my college.

Undergraduate modules taken
  • SSC.110 - Software Development

  • SSC.120 - Fundamentals of Computer Science

  • SSC.130 - Information Systems

  • SSC.140 - Creative Technology

  • SSC.150 - Digital Systems

  • SSC.160 - Fundamentals of Communication Systems

  • SSC.201 - Database

  • SSC.202 - Human-Computer Interaction

  • SSC.203 - Computer Networks

  • SSC.204 - Software Design

  • SSC.205 - Social, Ethical and Professional Issues in Computer Science

  • SSC.210 - Computer Science Group Project

  • SSC.211 - Operating Systems

  • SSC.212 - Advanced Programming

  • SSC.300 - Final Year Project

  • SSC.306 - Internet Applications Engineering

  • SSC.311 - Distributed Systems

  • SSC.312 - Languages and Compilation

  • SSC.360 - Computer Science Seminars

  • SSC.361 - Artificial Intelligence

  • SSC.363 - Security & Risk

  • SSC.365 - Advanced Networking (audited)

I then returned as a post-graduate student between 2017–18 to complete an MSc. in Cyber Security. I continued to involve myself in the life of my new college as well as the students’ union and wider university community.

Post-graduate modules taken
  • LL.M5230 - Introduction to Law

  • PPR.432 - Security and Conflict in the Digital Age

  • SCC.420 - MSc Dissertation

  • SCC.439 - Network and Systems Security

  • SCC.441 - Information System Security Management

  • SCC.442 - Information System Penetration and Countermeasures

  • SCC.443 - Information System Forensic Investigation

  • SCC.444 - Information System Risk Management

  • SOCL491 - Cybercrime

Finally (for now) I returned once again between 2019-–21 working on a Knowledge Transfer Project (KTP) between me, the university and a local information security company. I used this opportunity to audit additional university modules to add to my skillset, amongst other training and development activities, and I returned to my former undergraduate college.

Additional post-graduate modules audited
  • CFAS440 - Statistical Methods and Modelling

  • SCC.461 - Programming for Data Scientists